Book Your Ride!

Prime dates sell fast!

  • Up to 16 Passengers - Captain & First Mate provided!

  • Bring your own beer/wine/liquor and food on board

  • 2 hour tours

  • Rent the Boat (Just you and your crew)

    • Monday - Thursday : $475

    • Friday - Sunday : $550

  • Single Tickets (minimum 6 tickets)

    • Monday - Thursday : $40

    • Friday - Sunday : No Single Tickets

Don’t forget to sign your waiver!

All of our guests (not just the organizer) will need to complete and sign the digital waiver. Our crew will not be able to let you onto the cycleboat unless the waiver has been signed. It’s super easy and just takes a minute - Click here to complete.


We offer digital gift certificates that can be redeemed for a ride at any date and time! Click the button below, pick the dollar amount and you’re on your way to giving the best gift EVER!

Gift Certificate